Lenticular Services

Small Format

Sizes generally range from A7 through to A3/A2. Typically, hand held, these are either printed digitally for shorter runs or on press for the higher volume runs. They will be produced on thinner lenticular lens stock for higher resolutions and ease of production.

Large Format

Sizes range from A3/A2 up to 1.2m wide x 2.4m high. Slightly coarser lenses are used as they are designed specifically to be viewed form further away. Nearly always printed digitally either in multiples or large singular sheets.

Super Large Format Lenticular

A particular specialist field, used in situations when large areas need to deliver dramatic impact as one. We will tile the lenticular sheets to work in unison. Technically challenging they require real precision.

Consultancy / Feasibility

We are often invited in to talk through potential projects that may appear a little challenging or daunting to the untrained. Sharing your creative vision In the early stages is always a good idea.

Lenticular Sectors


There are simply so many applications that our lenticular can be used for to promote brands. From mail shots to flyers, to invites to counter displays, to information, education and usp’s. There isn’t a category that wont benefit.


This is a great environment for lenticulars to really catch the eye. Used at the point of sale instore or as part of a window display to showcase something specific. Great place for lenticular to wow.

Fine Art

We work with some of the worlds best known contemporary artists. As well as up and coming artists who are interested in exploring a lenticular journey. We also produce editions for artists in many other countries.

Interior Design

A great environment for lenticular technology to showcase its benefits. Used as large wall murals, reception area backdrops, space dividers in open plan office space or as interactive wall art. Lenticular brings a whole perspective to new or refurbished office spaces.

Museums and Theme Parks

Lenticulars exciting interactive capabilities can be used well to engage audiences. As part of an overall look or to be used as informative storyboard.

Who we are?

We are a family business that specialise in lenticular printing. A true passion for this wonderful technology runs through the whole business Inspired by Brothers Mark and Andrew Roblett.

We have been making quality lenticular displays for the past 18 years at our London based facility. We consider ourselves to be absolute experts in this field. We have happy clients from all over the world, including global brands, ad agencies, retailers to artists and small design studios. We have the ability to turn sometimes complex lenticular projects around very quickly due to our set up and knowledge. Your project will be delivered on time and will look great, that’s our Guarantee!



Lenticular Effects

Why Riot’s Lenticular?

Client feedback is critical to us, it’s the standard by which we like to be judged. It helps us keep focused on continually improving our lenticular offerings, and always do better


The Lenticular Dream Team!!!

Mark Roblett


Andrew Roblett


Neil Longhurst

Head of Lenticular

Jim Sullivan

Project Manager

Shane Mcmahon

Production Manager




Riot Of Colour
Unit 6-7 Anchorage Point,
Anchor & Hope Lane, London SE7 7SQ


0208 853 1111


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